Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Virtualy University Classes in PSP

I have enroled in 4 classes at Virtual University. They are all Paint Shop Pro classes. I finished Lesson one in Reach for the Stars. We had to created a tube. I used a design from my kaleidoscope software. Opened it in PSP and created a tube. The above simple design was made using the tube. Now I just need to find out how to put a link on my blog so that the tube can be shared with my fellow students (and anyone else who would like it).

Here's another tube I created this time using a photograph of dahlias I took at the garden centre in the summer. I am using PSP XI.

This time I used preset shapes and created a tube containing each of the above buttons using patterns from my painted papers I did in my C&G course. I am moving closer to creating a whole new website using my own backgrounds from my textiles and painted/textured papers. They are all beginning to come together now.

Everyone can do things one step at a time!


Tonniece said...

Ok... Really likeing this brush. It would make a great TeaBag tile. Hint, Hint. LOL