Friday, 2 February 2007

Needlefelt Challenge - Spice

As much as I love working with Paint Shop Pro I thought it was time to drag myself away from my laptop and get to work on some fabric. This afternoon I set up the Embellisher and did this piece for the Needlefelt Spice challenge set by Myfanwy. I used a black felt background overlayed with gold Sizoflor, hand dyed silk tops, a sprinkling of Angelina fibres (the standard ones not the Hot Fix) and topped it with snippets of brown chiffon. I have to say the colours look much better in real life.

I had good news yesterday. My Marie Curie piece was accepted for the She Made Her Mark exhibition to be held in the Quilters' Hall of Fame in Indiana. I was taken aback I can tell you. This is my first juried exhibition and I really didn't expect to have my piece chosen.

It's a beautiful day her in Scotland. The sun is shining and we have clear blue skies and it's very mild. I hope it continues.


Tonniece said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oN YOUR PIECE BEING ACCEPTED

Love the challenge piece

Rayna said...

I'm not a bit surprised; it's a wonderful piece. Hooray!

Simonetta said...

I like this!!!! Have to beautiful weekend!