Friday, 5 January 2007

No New Year Resolutions here!

Paper Boat 8 1/2" x 11"
I have been reading with interest the resolutions people are making. I decided many years ago not to make resolutions, I never kept them anyway. Instead I set myself goals. When I was working full time as an IT Manager we had to set short and long term goals. We were measured on these goals and each month at my 1:1 meeting with my Manager we would ensure that I was meeting my goals. As a people Manager (as well as software/hardware manager) I had to ensure my staff met their goals. We would set up oppoprtunities be it on the job training or organising training courses in order that we could all meet the goals we set. It worked then and so I do the same thing to this day.

One of my goals for this year is to complete my City & Guilds course Creative Computing in Stitched Textiles - I am on target to do that. I also plan on making good progress with my Quilt Judging course. Although I made a start on that before the turn of the year I am focusing on it in earnest from now. I was spurned on this morning after receiving an article on Copper from my closest friend Marion. We spent an afternoon chatting last week and I was telling her about my Research Project - Copper. Coming from South Africa she looked out information from me on copper mining. The kick start I needed.

Another goal is to participate in the final year of the Journal Quilt project. Details of the challenge should be posted soon. The small format is ideal for me when I am busy with my teaching etc.

Together with personal goals that should be enough to keep me busy.

The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge quilt it finished. I layered and quilted it this morning. Having a deadline is good as it stops me from procrastinating. Not that I do that very much. However, I can work away getting a quilt top finished but when it comes to deciding on how to quilt it - that's when I stop. Having a deadline means I just get on with it - good or bad at least it's done and I always learn something even if it's what NOT to do!

Anyway I am off to do more research on copper and find places to visit - a few distilleries are already on my list!


Carol said...

You have been busy Carol, I love what you do with your digital images, it sounds as if you will be very busy this year