Friday, 9 February 2007

More C&G work today

Well I didn't get any more frames for my fabric painting. The refuse collectors took them to a landfill site. I don't have time for my walk on days I teach which was yesterday. However to make up for that I park the car a good way from the High School in order to get some walking done. It's on a hill and with the amount of stuff I carry to class it's a workout in itself carrying it all.

Today I have been busy with Activity 4 of Module 8 of the C&G course. I can't believe I am so far on with this course - hasn't time flown by since I started it? The above designs were created from some simple brushwork I did in PSP. I added all sorts of filters, polar co-ordinates and seamless tiling to get the results you see. I am having the time of my life with this course I can tell you. However assessment one is coming along very slowly. I still haven't managed to get a design I am truly happy with. Oh! well it means I need to play some more.

My classes are finished for mid term - next week is a holiday so I will have more time to play. I need to go and get my melted felt challenge piece finished. I made the label for my She Made her Mark quilt I just have to stitch it on and get it in the mail. I shall post it Monday and it should get to Indiana for the dates specified.


Tonniece said...

WHAT? NOT HAPPY with it yet......
I think it's great. Looks so dementional, and textural. Love the color too.

Dianne said...

I love the sketch book cover it's beautiful, but if your not happy with it guess you'll have to play.
I was just reading the Ladies blog about She has made her mark..
Well Miss Carol you have made your mark.. Will keep a look out for your name in the blog..

Carol said...

Dianne my name appears on Thelma's blog on Day 14 the list of accepted entries for She Made Her Mark.

MargaretR said...

That's a very clever way of using the embellisher Carol and I love what you have done with PSP. It's a wonder we do anything else when playing with these programs is such fun(smile)