Sunday, 4 February 2007

PSP and Kaleidoscope

I couldn't resist trying some of my Paint Shop Pro designs I did for my C&G course in the Kaleidoscope software. I am pleased with the results.
This one is from an image with a topology effect applied then I took it into Kaleidoscope. I think I will print this one on fabric and create a quilt. I love the colours and the effect.

I had a worrying day yesterday, My little cat was looking quite sad. She did what little animals do when they are unwell she went to the furthest corner of the house and sat there all alone. Normally all she wants to do is sit on your lap (or keyboard!). I brought her downstairs and sat with her all afternoon. I brought her water and managed to get her to eat some chicken. I was up all night checking on her. Thankfully she looks better this morning - went for her own food and water!

I think I may go and try some more samples on the embellisher. My sewing studio is a mess right now with all sorts of shear fabrics and silk tops etc all over the floor. The next challenge is already posted so I need to try some needlefelt on something other than a felt base.

Well this is it! I used hand made paper for the base that has skeleton leaves embedded in it. I used a little silk tops at first and it worked beautifully. I then got a little more adventurous and added a lot more silk tops and hand dyed mawata caps. I tried leaving the skeleton leaves to show through the silk tops but it didn't look good. I then covered the whole piece with a burgundy crystal organza and that was looking a little better. I found another piece of gold mesh, the same stuff I tried yesterday. I like the look of it and the paper held up very well considering the amount of felting I did. It could do with a little more felting but I don't have time at present. I need to do more to these sample pieces but for now I am just practising with the Babylock Embellisher.

I have been sitting at the machine for a while so I think I will go for my walk now before I start on more mundane things - like housework!


Tonniece said...

Love the Kaleidoscope results Carol. The patterns and the colors are to die for. LOVE, LOVE them.

So happy to hear you cat is feeling better. They are just like our kids, you love them, and you worry alot when they are ill. So good she's feeling better.

teodo said...

Your Kaleidoscope is fantastic. I'm happy that your cat is better. ciao ciao

suzanne said...

I agree the kaleidoscope is gorgeous,very nice colors.

Dianne said...

Hello Missy
Well you know I love the purple and green one, the other one is lovely too.. I'm so glad your baby is better...
Its hard to believe the paper can take so much sewing on it, the piece looks so pretty..
No walking here its been in -30 with wind chills since friday no let up till wednesday its BBRRR here..