Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day!

Not that I like pancakes you understand but Norman just loves them. No prizes for guessing what I will be making this evening! What's your favourite pancake topping?

Yesterday morning after packing my things to teach class I had a little time before having to leave and I tried another needlefelt piece.

I used a variety of fibres again. To alter the colour of some of the silk tops I added a layer of chiffon. The picture above shows a piece of shot crystal organza. Although it broke up with felting it has left a really nice texture. It looks white in the picture but in reality it is a lovely pale green/white/gold. On the red piece I did the other day I use the embellisher to apply the yarns but I lost most of the texture. This time I just couched the threads with the sewing machine. I used a narrow zigzag (.5) with a clear monofilament in the needle and a normal polyester in the bobbin.

The base for this piece is something that's similar to Lutrador, a little like Sizoflor (I am not sure if Sizoflor and Lutrador are the same thing, they look feel and react in the same) . I bought a pack of it at the local paper depot. It came in various colours gold, silver, blue etc etc. I've lost the packaging so can't say what it is I may go and get another pack since it works like a dream on the embellisher and was only about £1 a pack for lots of pieces.


Dianne said...

Hello Carol
It's amasing how the look changes after you put the organza and chiffon, Lovely piece,looks like landscape..
I used to make pancakes at work every year. I used to make 2 spreads to on top,I mixed icing sugar ,butter and cinnimon, and the other butter, icing sugar and stawberries... Most people like the strawberrie. I myself don't like pancake.. Have a good Pancake Tuesday...

MargaretR said...

Hope Norman enjoyed the pancakes.
Your embellished piece is lovely, I have also found the crystal organza breaks up and the yarn loses it's texture. I like the way you have couched it.

suzanne said...

Love your painted paper,nice piece, and can we imagine, if you had more time, what a great creation, love it, and always your great instructions.
I am not to crazy about pancakes either, but marg. and maple suryp, yum, and if you do not like pancakes, what did you have.

Tonniece said...

Another beautiful piece Carol. And you know I love the colors too.

As for the pancakes, I don't eat them often, but when I do I love jam on mine