Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Needlefelted Snowflakes

I have been experimenting with the Babylock Embellisher and abaca tissue. After my experiments with it the other day I wondered about creating designs rather than overall felting using the abaca and warm and natural wadding. I drew a snowflake design on the back of the wadding.
Layered it with the abaca tissue and rather than needlefelt with the wadding on top, as I did before, I needlefelted with the abaca tissue on the top. Myfanwy had said she had done this successfully and so I decided to try it.
As you can see the abaca tissue broke up a lot which gives an interesting result. I perhaps should have used a darker abaca tissue the result would have been clearer for you to see. I traced the design using a micron pen, bad mistake as the ink can be seen through the tissue. I did think about that before I started but thought the embellisher would have felted it and it wouldn't have been seen - I was wrong.
Here us the same piece from the back. Shame about the black lines. However I can hide them by felting a nice ribbon or yarn or something around the piece. Any other ideas how I could hide them?
I then decided to try something different using the same design. I drew the snowflake on freezer paper, ironed the freezer to the white felt and traced around it. I used the micron pen again but this time I cut inside the drawn line removing it as I cut. I then laid the white snowflake on the top of the purple felt and needlefelted. This is the front of the piece.............and this is the back. This is felt I bought some time ago. It has bits of glitter through it which makes it very attractive. I am enjoying playing BUT it isn't getting my Module 1 work done for the Quilt Judging course which is due in at the end of April!!!! Yikes I need to stop playing!


Dianne said...

Well they are lovely, not that I know anything about sewing but I would just use a zigzag in white thread around the shape..
The purple one is lovely, like the little glitter in the felt..
Don't stop all the fun though....