Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Windows/Door Textile Challenge

A Page from my Sketchbook

The latest "textile challenge" is Windows/Doors. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to have Gaudi as my source. I have been researching Gaudi Windows. Above is the first page from my sketchbook. I have drawn a brief sketch of an idea for the piece I want to make. I have also collected a few images of Gaudi windows. I also jotted down some design ideas, colour, texture etc.
Here is a more detailed drawing of my design idea.

The Design Process
The background I have chosen for the wall hanging is pelmet vilene. I have covered it with blue abaca tissue.
I then covered each piece with lace, yarns, threads etc to give it some texture. I love the texture in Gaudi's buildings.
Here is another piece I covered with an open weave ribbon and some textured yarns. After stitching the fibres in place I then painted all the pieces with white undercoat paint. I have left it to dry and will paint it with the final colour on Friday (teaching tomorrow so no time in the studio).


arlee said...

Always like seeing other artists sketchbooks--mine aren't so neat!

Leanne Hurren said...

I love looking a sketchbooks and people's ways of working! This is looking really exciting Carol - where does this challenge come from? Once again I am in awa of your productivity!! I am resting after getting everything finished and mounted for the AVG exhibition

MargaretR said...

Loved the sketbook page. It's going to be a lovely piece of art. Gaudi is brilliant I agree.

Purple Missus said...

Loved looking at your sketchbook and the design process. This hanging looks like it is going to be really amazing. You always throw yourself wholeheartedly into these challenges. I so admire you for that.

Judy Scott said...

Its wonderful to see the process ~ I too love sketchbooks!! Jx