Friday, 23 March 2007

Progress on Windows Challenge

I decided to paint the pieces on Thursday before going to class so that they would be dry to work on this morning. I used a Marabu Textil paint in Dark Blue on top of the white emulsion and the Xpandaprint.
The colour was really nice but I wanted to tone it down. This morning I painted all the pieces with diluted black Quink Ink. The ink on the paint turns a greyish colour and not the intense black you would expect. To speed up the drying process I left it to dry in front of the fan heater in my studio.

In the meantime I had an idea for the "windows". I painted a section of a page in my sketchbook and cut out shapes from silver card to see how it would look. Since I am looking for texture I thought of using tyvek to make these shapes. I used the shapes from one of the pictures in my sketchbook you saw the other day.I painted both sides of the tyvek with silver acrylic, I bought this a while ago for the printmaking class from WH Smith. If you don't want the white of the tyvek to show through when you heat it you have to paint both sides of the sheet. I used a lightweight tyvek.
To see if it would work I cut and stitched the shapes to pelmet vilene covered with blue hand made paper. I then heated the tyvek and it looks great. I am afraid the picture was blurred so I may post it later to let you see how it looks.
I decided the pieces needed a little more texture and so I stitched black chiffon on top of each piece.
I then heated it with the heat tool. As you can see it gives even more texture to the piece and also tones it down a little.

This piece had xpandaprint painted on it which I heated with the heat tool, blue paint was added then Quink ink and stitched chiffon on top.

The pieces were still too blue and I wanted a stone effect. I have brushed Treasure Silver on all the pieces. The resultant colour is exquisite and just what I was looking for. I need to leave the Treasure Silver to dry for a while before I can move it on.


arlee said...

wow gorgeous---isn't it amazing how much work you'll put into a piece that you really like :}

Purple Missus said...

This is really coming on Carol. Its going to look amazing. I love the way you share all your procedures - makes very interesting reading.

Carol said...

Loving watching the process Carol, and look forward to the finished result

Sara said...

Hi Carol,

I love what you are doing. I put you on my Links list! (I thought I already had you). I'm having problems with the management of my house at the moment and I don't know if I can do the Windows Challenge...


Carol said...

I love this piece already Carol, and i love seeing how you have worked it even more. Well done you. Love carol t

Carol said...

Hi ladies,

I am glad you are enjoying the process. I love to share in the hope someone somewhere will learn something new.


Thank you for linking to me I have reciprocated with a link to your blog. Perhaps you can do the Windows challenge in your own time. I hope your house management is soon sorted out.

Judy Scott said...

Carol this is amazing, watching the piece come alive is brilliant ~ Jx