Monday, 28 May 2007

A lovely surprise!

I found this wonderful surprise in my email the other day. Sandy Jandik sent me a picture of the fabric box she made. Sandy used a directional batik which I have to say is stunning. She doesn't have a blog and I asked if I could post a picture here for you to enjoy. Thank you Sandy and I am sure it will keep your postcards from the Bead Journal Project lovely and safe. I think we would all enjoy seeing them on a blog! (Hmm! Bead Journal Project? Sounds fascinating ...... but no I have enough on the go for now! Perhaps I could have a little peak, it wouldn't do any harm would it? ..............)

I have been playing around with HTML on my blog. You will see a couple of little differences - and thank you for the feedback on my new header! I removed the blogger header and I have added a search button on the left hand side which I thought would help. I also created a favicon for my blog whivh you can see if you have bookmarked, or added my blog to your favourites.

It's a holiday weekend here and we are staying home avoiding the crowds! I have been sorting out my C&G course work now that the course is finished. I think I may post some images from my sketchbooks. You forget how much work you do and it's always nice to reflect on them.

I am going to tidy up my studio and put another 4 shelves in there. I want have better access to my jars of paint etc. At the moment they are in a drawer in one of those stacking plastic thingies and each time I go for a jar of paint - it's right at the bottom!


Susan D said...

I managed with trial and error to do a banner for my blog a while back but I had a go with your Tutorial on my test blog and it was great very easy to follow. Can you guess what I'm going to ask next? How do you do a favicon?

Isn't it always the way the one thing you want is right at the bottom.

It was like winter here yesterday so don't blame you staying at home.

Alis said...

Can you let Sandy know that I think she did a great job with the box. It looks lovely.

Purple Missus said...

This header is even nicer than the last one Carol and I like the way your background stays put, its only the text that moves when you scroll down.
Can I ask please, what is a 'directional batik'.
And you're right - that box is stunning.

Shelina said...

That is a pretty box - I really like boxes and containers. And a bead journal does sound intriguing, but I too am going to avoid it. I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

Carol said...

Alis, Sandy says thanks. She follows your blog!

Sandy said...

It was Carol's good directions that made the box. A directional batik is one that has an up and down. Those are elephants in the print, and I didn't want them standing on their heads-did have to recut the side pieces.
The Bead Journal Project is listed on Robin Atkins site. Sandy in La Center

Papoosue said...

Sandy's box is lovely Carol! Please post photos from your sketchbooks, I'm sure lots of us would love to see them :)

Nola said...

Well done, Sandy, it's a great box! (You'll really have to get a blog yourself if this keeps up!)

I read through your very useful tutorial on the banner but haven't had time to do anything on my very basic blog - not even post! Maybe I should post a pic of my grandkids, who are the reason I didn't do much textile stuff over the weekend!
Love to see work from the sketchbooks!

MargaretR said...

You are so good at this Carol. i didn't even know what a favicon was. Still don't really (smile)

MargaretR said...

I just read now that you used to be an IT Manager in another life. No wonder you are so good.

Carol said...

Hi Mags, If you have a link to my blog you will see a little image before the URL - that's a favicon.

I am writing a tutorial do show how to do it - coming soon!