Friday, 18 May 2007

More Treasures in the mail

I received these lovely inchies from Gillian yesterday. They are simply stunning. Thank you Gillian for sharing your art with me. The sooner I can get my work caught up the sooner I can get back to the Textile Challenge group, if there's a space, I miss the challenges. I just have the antique quilt to mend and that's me all caught up, well sort of, I still have class samples to design and made for September but there's still time for that.

Norman and I went to see Diana Ross at the SECC in Glasgow last night. I do love going to see her and we do whenever she is in Scotland. She was fantastic, the music, the lighting and her gowns were all out of this world, 4 gown changes and they were all stunning. It's her "I Love You" tour. You can hear a couple of excerpts from her new CD here.

Needless to say I am hoarse today, too much singing! Now the housework is finished I am going to make a start on the antique quilt ...... yikes!!!!!


Tonniece said...

Very lovely inchies Carol.

SOOOOOO you went to see the great Diana Ross. Lucky you. You're right about her shows, she gives great performances. I got to see her once, and I think I was a bit hoarse too.
Good for you, and lucky, lucky you, getting the cd.
Do you lend that man of yours out at all? lol

Carol said...

You are very welcome back at any time, there will ALWAYS be room for you my dear! Lovely inchies from Gill, I hope she checks them out here, I will point her!