Thursday, 10 May 2007

Printing on Lutrador etc

I have been playing around with the images from Paint Shop Pro that I did for my final assessment piece. I have tried printing on various media. The one above was printed onto a cheap and thin paper with bits of leaves through it which was treated with a white medium. If the paper was left untreated the prints would have bled and wouldn't have turned out very well. This has printed beautifully.
This one was printed onto EQ printables cotton. I also printed onto cotton that I treated myself with Bubble Jet Set and the difference in colour is remarkable. The EQ printables give a nice dark colour the BJS treated cotton is a little lighter. The advantage of using BJS is I can print onto larger pieces of fabric (A3).
This is a print on Extravorganza. I have laid it on a piece of white paper as it's hard to photograph the organza on it's own off the paper.
This is how the Extravorganza looks before the backing is peeled off. This has worked beautifully. I bought the Extravorganza from Art Van Go here in the UK.

This is another of my designs from the peacock feathers. This one was printed onto Lutrador! If you print onto untreated Lutrador the print is very light, not unlike the print on organza. I have treated this piece of Lutrador with a clear medium. I love the final print, the colour is wonderful.

This image was printed onto Lutrador but this time with a white medium - chalk like. This has worked beautifully as well. I didn't put a carrier sheet onto the treated Lutrador it printed beautifully without it.

It has been a good afternoon sampling these print techniques. I do so love trying new to me things, especially when they are successful!

I also did some wet-on-wet watercolour/silk painting. I am not sure they were as successful. I'll know more when they dry!


Micki said...

Your images are very interesting. Thanks for sharing the differences using the various media with us.

Nola said...

The images are great - and so interesting to see how they printed on different media!

MargaretR said...

You have done well Carol! These are very successful. I would have expected the BJS to have been stronger, I have used it but Li don't have an A3 printer. I haven't bought any Lutrador or extravorganza yet as i have so much stuff to try out already(smile)
I have printed on all sorts of fabrics but unlike you I did not keep a record. I must try to remember next time.

sjandik said...

Nice examples. I love to experiment too. When you treated with the medium, was it before or after printing. Thanks, Sandy

Carol said...

Hi Mags,

I first printed on fabric about 10 years ago using Canon Fabric sheets. I made my carousel box (on my website). I then bought fabric treated with BJS from Canada before it was known about here in the UK. I have printed on a number of different fabrics etc with varying success however InkAid is opening more avenues for experimentation for me.

Carol said...

I treated the fabric prior to printing. It needs a little drying time. I used Inkaid matte and clear. Although the matte goes on clear it dries white.

Judy Scott said...

Hello Carol just did a goodle search for Lutrador and your page came up!!!
I purchased lutrador this week and have just used it for the first time. I printed an image from my computer and its as you say quite light ~ which medium did you use to treat the lutrador ~ was it the Inkaid??? If so where did you purchase it?? The peacock design and colours are amazing. Bye for now Judy xxx
ps hope you dont mind the questions

Carol said...

Hi Judy,

I couldn't find your email address to contact you.

I treated the lutrador with InkAid, the clear one, I bought it from Rainbow Silks if you Google them you will find them easily enough.

If I can help any further please do email me.

BTW I love answering questions so don't worry about asking them.

Judy Scott said...

Thanks Carol will go a searching! dont you wish we had a shop like that near us!!!!!
my email is

Judy x

Carol said...

Oooops! Judy is was Art Van Go I bought the Inkaid from, sorry.