Friday, 15 June 2007

Postcard in the Mail

I was checking out Nola's blog the other day and admired this postcard. She very kindly sent it to me and it arrived this morning. It is absolutely stunning! I love the fabric she has used and it is heavily stitched. I love the way she has finished the edges. It is quite different to anything I have seen before. Perhaps she will blog how she did it. Thank you Nola it is a treasure.


larin said...

I agree--this post card is stunning! --LaRinda

larin said...

You're it!

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You then need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog.
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No worries. No pressure. No time constraints - just enjoy


Deb H said...

Lots of fun threadplay there! Lucky you.

I love what you've been playing with lately too! Paper & Batik!Fun!

Nola said...

Didn't I blog about how I did it? I'll go do it now! So glad you liked it in person - things do look different in photos.

Nola said...

Oh yeah, I already did! Just had to tidy up the links a little. It's under Sailing to Byzantium, if you want to see all the posts about how I did it.

Carol said...

Oh! yes you did Nola and I already read it but I have been back and read it again - I forgot - it's an age thing!!!!

Dianne said...

Oh yes this is gorgeous!! Lucky Carol!!!