Monday, 16 July 2007

Glasgow River Festival

We spent a lovely day at the Glasgow River Festival yesterday. The weather was gorgeous, not a drop of rain which was unusual since we have had so much rain this year. There was so much to see and loads for the kids which was great they were all having so much fun.

This is the newest bridge to be built over the River Clyde. I can't remember it's real name but the locals call it the "squinty" bridge so that's what it will be known as for ever now. It lies at an angle across the river - hence it's name.
The Royal Navy were there. I have an affinity with the Navy since my younger twin brothers both served in the Navy. This is the Marine band, they were wonderful.

There were a couple of Puffers. This is the Vital Spark which I remember from a TV programme from my youth.
He stood like this without flinching the whole time the band played.

This is the tower at the Science Museum. There's a lift that takes you to the top - the views are stunning.
Imagine my surprise when I saw someone absailing down the tower. He was apparently up there fixing the lift (elevator). Brave guy.

This is the Armadillo. We have been to see various acts there it has wonderful accoustics.

There was a question on the QuiltArt list a couple of weeks ago asking where you get your inspiration. I find inspiration all around in nature, my surroundings and from others - inspiration is everywhere. I thought this would make a fantastic quilt. The Armadillo reflected in another building.

I love these tall ships in fact I am in the process of building a model ship with all its rigging. I also build model remote controlled aircraft. To date I have built a glider and have almost finished a Fokker Triplane complete with pilot.

There was a tent filled with craftsmen from stained glass to fibre dyeing. Galgael, (the site is slow to load) a community of creative people who get together to regenerate themselves and their local area in Govan.

There was a spinner, spinning yarn from their own fleece, which was used for felting and the yarns were dyed using natural dyes. I had a fascinating chat about natural fabric dyeing. The colours were stunning- soft and gentle. I have been interested in natural dyeing for a while and now armed with some great information I am going to have a go.


Nola said...

Love the Glasgow shots - it looks so warm and sunny! I have seen photos of the bridge on a TV show. I guess it's just the same as no-one can make anything set in Sydney without a shot of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, so you know it's really shot here! I love that image of the Armadillo reflected in the other building.

There's a big natural dyeing community out here too. You get some truly surprising colours from ordinary plants. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Dianne said...

I have missed you while I was away, no looking at blogs on dial up:):)
I LOVE these pics, thanks so much for posting them.
The pic of the reflection is a stunning photograph, it would make a fantastic quilt.
AND YOU BUILD MODELS, ghees you are the most talented person I know I bow to you my dear.
Having a go at dyeing you own yarn might as well then you have done almost everything... You go girl:):):)

Alis said...

I love the photos and a really interesting read.
Yes lots of inspiration around us and you have such wonderful buildings in Glasgow.
I've not been for such a long time but I loved Glasgow.

Tonniece said...

WOW Carol, sounds as though you had a lovely day.
All the pics are great, and I understand now about your inspirations. I would never have thought of that reflection as a source for a project.

Susan D said...

Glad the weather held for you. Now I know what the 'Armadillo' is. I've seen it in the opening credits of one of my favourite cop shows, 'Taggart' and often wondered what it was.