Friday, 27 July 2007

How lovely is this?

...... and how lucky am I? I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from my friend Sandy all the way from the USA. Sandy and I have never met, except online as we are members of the same groups, and she is a regular visitor to my blog. Despite having never met she got the colours just right when she hand painted this silk scarf especially for me. Sandy I have photographed your lovely scarf on three of my favourite sweaters just to show you how they match perfectly. The scarf is the star of the show but you can see the colours of the sweaters in the background. I love it Sandy, thank you so very much for your kindness it was a wonderful surprise.

I haven't spent any time in the studio over the past few days. Norman and I spent a day out on Wednesday but we were just catching up on grocery shopping. I did, however, pay Ikea a visit. I needed a roll of their newsprint for a book idea I have. I also got some of the cheapy plastic plates (£1.29 for 6) in glorious bright colours and two collections of brushes (79p per set of 5). They are great for the studio. The other thing I bought was two long glass jars. I plan on doing some natural dyeing and these will be just the thing as they have lids and I can leave them for as long as necessary and they won't take up much space. I don't normally use glass in the studio for obvious reasons but I think these will work just fine. Norman said I should get 6 of them but I only took 2 - he was right (he always is) oh well I will just have to go back again.

I have been busy with Module 2 course work. I finished the first critique yesterday. It has taken me the longest time as I have spent so much time studying the elements of art. I can also apply a lot of what I learned on the intensive management training I did when I worked for Digital. Not all of it was new to me but somehow, because of what I am doing with this course, I am reading it differently. I now feel I have a really good grounding and can move forward - well I had better get moving because it needs to be with my tutor by the end of the month.


Alis said...

What a lucky lady. The scarf is just perfect.

I love Ikea, always wonderful ways to spend money there!

Good luck finishing the assignment.

Sandy said...

I'm just glad the scarf works for you. I based it on your picture.
Portland just opened an Ikea. We are waiting for the flurry to die down and then will visit. Sandy

Nola said...

Just gorgeous! Well done Sandy and what a nice idea!

I am over Ikea - too much walking for too little return (but we have one of their megastores). But it's true they have great stuff you can't buy elsewhere.

Purple Missus said...

Lucky you and how generous of Sandy.
Beware the Ikea brushes Carol. Very good value but they do shed their bristles freely.
And just to make you curse, here down South, same brushes are only 49p!

Carol said...


I just go to IKEA when we are visiting Costco which is right next door. I don't visit often.


I have used the brushes before with no problem. I have a few bristles fall out when I first wash them but other than that they are fine. I use them for a project and then throw them away.

As for price it's swings and roundabouts with prices somethings are more expensive up here on the other hand some are cheaper.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely scarf, Carol.

Judy Scott said...

How lovely, such a beautiful scarf in perfect colours for you. I've not been to Ikea for ages I love going there and seeing all the gorgeous colours. Hmmmm wonder what Jims doing tonight! Ha, Jxx