Saturday, 18 August 2007

More places of interest

We spent Wednesday afternoon in Falkland in Fife. After reading Susan's blog (Random Blethers) about her visit there I thought it would be nice to visit since we had never been there before. It was nice. We had some lunch and then a visit to Falkland Palace.

It is looked after by the National Trust for Scotland and was a lovely place.

The gardens are gorgeous.

On Friday the weather didn't look too great and rather than a trip along the Fife coast we thought it was a good day to visit the museums in Edinburgh. I was born in Edinburgh and lived there for 32 years before moving to Livingston. I haven't strayed far!

I wanted to see the Picasso exhibition which is currently showing at the National Museum of Scotland. What a privilege it was lovely.

As you can see it didn't rain after all and the sun shone all day. After the Picasso exhibition we headed for the Grassmarket. I love that part of Edinburgh which is full of lovely little shops and cafes/restaurants. On the way we passed Greyfriars Bobby. He's a famous little dog.

This is the view down the hill going towards the Grassmarket.

Then we had a climb up the stairs to the Royal Mile. This isn't a view of Edinburgh Castle you see very often.

The Edinburgh Festival is on at the moment and the city is full of visitors. All the way down the Royal Mile (High Street) there were musicians and all sorts of artists.

You can see the bed of nails she lies on!

They were such a friendly group of singers.

She was shouting to everyone about her show and telling us we should go and see it.

We headed down Cockburn Street to the Mound.

This is the Scott's monument on Princes Street.

We were heading for the Scottish National Gallery to see the Andy Warhol exhibition and these singers were there. They were fantastic and I bought two of their CDs.

I have never seen the gallery quite like this before. Fabulous. The Andy Warhol exhibition was great another privilege.

By this time we were pretty worn out. I wanted to see the Picasso Papers at the Dean Gallery but we decided to save that for another day.


Liz said...

Ooh, thank you for these photos - a real trip down memory lane for me. I went to St Andrews university at the beginning of the 80s and used to get the coach to Edinburgh when I wanted a shopping trip! There used to be a gorgeous Tibetan shop (I think it was Tibet, anyway) in Grassmarket. Don't suppose it's still there...

MargaretR said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that second visit of mine to Edinburgh. The first was 30 years ago.

Sandy said...

What a lot to see! You certainly have been busy getting inspiration. Sandy

Nola said...

What a great time you've been ahving! Thanks for sharing the photos - there's a lot of see and process.

Papoosue said...

Oh Carol - I need to find some time to visit those exhibitions! I've been to the Dean recently but nothing 'in town'. Hmmmmmm (puts mischievious planning hat on...)

Cellostitcher said...

What wonderful photos. You are certainly having a lovely time. I visited Edinburgh many many years ago and had a lovely visit. I will certainly have to go back. Thank you for lovely photos and interesting blog.

marion said...

Did you know that there used to be a quilt shop in Falkland? It was run by a man called Steve Lemoncello, a quilt artist, who was responsible for introducing me to cutting mats and rotary cutters and strip piecing...nice man.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love your photos. Scotland is one of the places I long to visit.

Vicki said...

Hi, Carol!
Thank you for visiting my blog recently! I love your photography. Someday I hope to visit your area. I also enjoyed seeing your textiles!

Alis said...

Great photos and post Carol.
I love Edinburgh and this was like walking round with you.
Thank you ;0)

Carol said...


The shop you mention IS still there. I was in there myself.


I didn't see a quilt shop so perhaps it's no longer there or maybe I just missed it.

larin said...

Carol--I hope you enjoyed everything double for me. Someday I will get over there. We've just checked out a movie about Greyfriars Bobby, so we'll have to watch it and maybe my kiddos will fall in love with over there too. thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos--I really love the unusual view of Edinburgh Castle. :-D