Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Sources of Inspiration

I haven't spent any time in the studio so far this week. It's our "visit local places we have never been before" week. On Monday as well as visiting Scotland Street School we visited the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. A time to be inspired.

This part has not long since re-opened after a £7 million refurbishment. I have to tell you it is just fantastic. It is beautiful both inside and out.

The inside is simply stunning. I loved all of the marble statues.

This is another part of the gardens where I took most of my photographs. It reminded me of being in Bangkok it was warm and humid - lovely.

There are some fabulous textures.

I can just see this represented in wire.

Seed and bugle beads perhaps?

Such a strong and beautiful colour.

My favourite colours together purple and green.

Ooops! purple again.

I love the contract between these two.

More great texture.

I wish you could have seen the beautiful detail in this plant. Isn't nature wonderful?

I have to say I got some funny looks when I was photographing the rocks and stones.

I can see this in oils.

I loved the texture and the multitude of greens in this leaf.

Some burning of various fabrics together with tyvek could produce something like this.

Ah! Fibonacci. You can see the Fibonacci sequence in a number of plants this is just one of them.

She was just fascinated by the pigeons and they didn't mind her being so close to them. I just love her "arty" trousers.

And on the way back to the car I took this photograph of the riverside walk. Had I known the bridge would have taken us right to our car I would have crossed it. Still I got a good picture and will know next time.


Alis said...

What a stunning place and so much inspiration.

I love those trousers ;0)

rlbates said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

MargaretR said...

I enjoyed my visit with you to the Botanical Gardens. What a wonderful building.
They also had my Peace Lily in red!

Candi said...

Wow is that ever impressive! I'm sure you had a great time!

Gina said...

What fantastic pictures Carol... so much inspiration. Al those fabulous textures and colours. Thank you for sharing them.

Susan D said...

Thanks for the tour, Carol.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful place, so much inspiration and a cute little girl. SAndy

marion said...

All the best people take photos of rocks and stones...

Cellostitcher said...

These photographs are fabulous. Lots and lots of inspiration. It looks like you are having a lovely time.

Judy Scott said...

so much inspiration, Jx