Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Gifts in the Post

I received a lovely surprise in the mail from Susan (Random Blethers). This is a gorgeous quilty made with her hand dyed fabric. The flower has snippets of fabric enclosed in tulle. Beautiful.

I have never participated in an ATC exchange so only have one to date. Susan sent me two of her lovely ATCs, they are gorgeous - my collection is growing.

Susan also sent me these beautiful clothes pegs. Aren't they just gorgeous? Thank you Susan for your kindness it was a lovely surprise.


MargaretR said...

Isn't that quiltie beautiful?

Judy Scott said...

Lovely happy gifts :)

Susan D said...

Lovely gifts and aren't the pegs fun!!!

Tonniece said...

I've seen a few pegs that were done up, but how cute are these, and the ATC's and quilt are beauties.