Saturday, 15 September 2007

Surprise in the mail

I arrived home from doing some shopping (curtains and bed linen - nothing more exciting than that) to find a wonderful surprise from Judy Scott. It's very tactile with lovely fabrics, silks and satins etc. It's a wonderful fabric postcard Judy, thank you so very much.

I don't have anything of my own work to share at the moment. I am currently working on class samples, my classes start later this month and I need to get hand outs and things organised.

I am also very busy working on my article for the next issue of Fibre & Stitch which is coming along nicely.

My 2007 Journal Quilt is ready for posting to Houston. I am also busy working on my Bead Journal Projects for August and September.

I am also busy adding more fabrics to my fabric journal and have started another journal on my research into wadding/batting and another on the many different stabilizers and fusibles for the Judging course I am doing. As you can see I am extremely busy but loving every moment and always learning new things along the way.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Another person getting goodies in the mail! Obviously I need to send some out first. You sound very busy at present, Carol.

freebird said...

You sound like a very busy woman doing a lot of what you love. I get a lift every time I visit here.

Jill Smith said...

Carol, loved the box and shape, beautiful.
Could you do me a favour, am trying to get in touch with 'quiltwow' but this stupid vista pc will never pick a email addy up but will if its a full address but not many are, if you have Maggies email l will send it to her. Thought l still had it but with the crashes a few addys have gone so it must be one of them, Maggie knows me,

Carol said...

Jill, I tried to contact you via the email address on your website but it bounced back to me. You can find Maggie's email address on her personal website. Check out Workshop on the Web for the link to her site.