Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gifts and Postcard

I received a beautiful gift from my very dear friend Tomoko in Japan. It is the most beautiful tray, black lacquer. It's stunning.
She also sent me some papers which are gorgeous and will safeguard the tray when I use it. It came as a wonderful surprise.

Tonniece, a dear friend in Canada, sent me a rather heavy box full of wonderful gifts. This one was intriguing. It's beautifully made as is all of Tonniece's work.

I openened the lid of the box to find some wonderful gifts inside. What a fabulous idea for a box. Since I love boxes this will be treasured for sure.

She also sent me a wonderful collection of cards, papers and beautiful ribbons. I am just so lucky to have such wonderful friends. My thanks to you both.

I received this beautiful postcard from Diana in the US. It's gorgeous with snippers of different fabrics under tulle which has been beautifully stitched.


Sandy said...

It was Christmas at your house. Wonderful gifts.

Lise said...

Only six months until Xmas!! Such beautiful gifts! The box is great.

Doreen G said...

Wonderful gifts Carol--lucky you

Carol said...

They were birthday gifts I am just a little late in posting pictures!

Dianne said...

Wohoo lovley gifts for the lovely Lady, I too love the enveolpe box..

Tonniece said...

Glad you like the box Carol. The other gifts are gorgeous, and you so deserve them and more.

Have a great day