Friday, 27 June 2008

Paint and Stencil Bargains

Norman was out at the DIY store yesterday, B&Q, and called me to say they had these paints for £1 a bottle (50 ml) and did I want to try them. Well who could pass up a bargain like that?

He brought me home 4 different effects and would have brought more but I had to stop him just in case they weren't much use. It says on the bottle than they can be used on most surfaces including fabric.

This morning I painted a piece of cotton with each of the four different effects. The photograph isn't too great as they are drying in my studio at the moment. Hopefully I will have better photographs when they dry. I want to wash them once they are dry just to ensure they stay on the fabric and don't wash out. There is nothing lost if they don't work as I can paint my boring plant pots to give them a new lease of life.

He also brought me back some stencils which were also £1, the smaller ones were 50p. You can't go wrong with stencils can you.

I completed another small piece that I may make into a cushion. The colour purple (reminds me of a movie) and butterfies - my favourite colour and butterflied my favourite motif together!


Sandy said...

Nice of your husband to bring the goodies home. I like purple and butterflies too. It will be a nice cushion.

Carol said...

Ha great minds think alike, I bought some of both the stencils and the effects paints the other week too! Love B+Q bargain!

Dianne said...

Norman what a sweet heart he is.
I love the purple with the butterflies, the design is so cool..

Janice said...

Carol, I've nominated your blog for an award for being so inspirational - you can collect it from my blog.

Shirley Goodwin said...

What a thoughtful man! And I like your purple piece.

Tonniece said...

Are you sure you don't want to give him up Carol? lol
How sweet is he. Love your new piece too.

Happy Sunday

Judy Scott said...

wonderful bargains, hope they do wash well for you. I can just imagine all the gorgeous backgrounds youll create with them, have fun ~ Judy x