Saturday, 14 June 2008

Markal/Shiva Paintsticks

I got my Markal paint sticks out for the first time in a while and have been busy experimenting. The paint sticks are known as Markal in the UK and Shiva in the USA although they are both the same thing. There are two different kinds the irridescent ones and standard (non irridescent).

The beauty of them is that they don't dry out. I have had my non irridescent ones for 10 years and they work as well now as they did then. A fine film covers them when they are not in use. Once you remove the film you can use the sticks as though they were new.

The colours can be used individually as I have done with the above sample.

Or they can be blended together as you can see above. The paintsticks are made from highly refined drying oils blended with fine pigments and come in a variety of colours.

I used rubbing plates for these samples.

They can be used all many surfaces including wood, metal and fabrics.

I added some interesting designs to my cookery apron. It's not very clear in the above image but I used two colours blended together to give a unique apron.

The background I have used for these samples is 100% cotton batik. The design is dry within 24 hours although I usually leave it a little longer to dry (48 hours) before I use the fabric.

If you are going to wash the fabric then it is wise to heat set it beforehand. It cannot be dry cleaned.

Although I have used rubbings for these samples you can stencil with them and use them directly on the fabric. They work equally well on paper/cardboard. You can also buy blendable sticks. I use these with a "pallette" the kind artists use which comes in a pad. The paintsticks blend well and you can get a variety of different colours. I think both types of paint stick work well on either light or dark fabrics although the irridescent ones look stunning on black!

I will post some more of my samples later.


Vicki W said...

I need to get mine out and use them! These are great samples.

Sandy said...

Wonderful samples. It inspires me to try mine again.

McIrish Annie said...

Thanks for sharing your samples. I have not tried the painsticks but they look like they would add a lot of interest to a project!

Dianne said...

Wow so many different kinds a ways to do them, fabulous. Imagine them lasting that long..
Cool apron Missy:):)

Fannie said...

Thanks for sharing how you use these paint stiks. I bought some a time ago and used them once, probably because I didn't know what to do with them. Your post has inspired me to get them out again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Carol said...

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment, I appreciate it.

It's fun getting these out again. It's been a little while since I used them.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for the comment on DG Carol. Once again you have inspired me by reminding me how much I like Markals. Those rubbing plates are very good with a nice clear edge.