Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sheer Heaven

I have been busy with the journal from my holiday in the USA earlier this year. Having played around with PSP for a while I thought I would try putting the journal together. I had intended making a new journal from scratch. However while I was on holiday I kept a daily journal as we were visiting so many places and I was sure I would forget about some of them over time.

I bought a lovely journal when I was in Chicago and I really wanted to add photographs to it rather than start a new one. I could have printed the photographs and put them in the book but you know how that makes the journal so fat.

Some months ago I read about Sheer Heaven and ordered some. Today was the first chance I had to try it out.
I prepared my image and printed it onto the Sheer Heaven. You then cut it to the size you want, spray it with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water (surgical spirit in the UK), lay it on your receiving surface (fabric, paper etc) and burnish it. The above photograph is the image ready to be burnished. This was my first attempt and the image was almost perfect.

I tried again with other photographs, colour this time, and look at the wonderful image. This is the image transferred to my book. I have left a sheet of card underneath the page until the surgical spirit/water solution dries completely.

Here is another one. You don't lose any detail at all. It's fabulous.

Now for something different ............

Since it was Halloween yesterday I couldn't resist buying a pumpkin. I roasted it with some garlic/salt/pepper. Whilst it was roasting (about 30 minutes) I made a base for soup with some ham ribs which I boiled for 30 minutes. I sweated some onions and yellow bell pepper with nutmeg and crushed chillies. I then put the whole lot together in a pan and simmered for 20 milutes. Blended it when it cooled.

....... and we had a lovely bowl of soup for lunch. Gorgeous colour isn't it? It tasted fabulous too with a little kick.


Elma in Lochwinnoch said...

Sheer heaven looks fun! I "googled" it but looks as if it is only available in the USA---is that right?

The Pumpkin soup looked yummy!!

Heather said...

Your transferred images are amazing and so clear. No wonder you are delighted. The roasted pumpking and soup look pretty good too. Isn't it lovely cooking seasonal food and celebrating the various festivals throughout the year. It brings something special to our lives.

Sandy said...

The images are so clear. I've never used Sheer Heaven-may need to.

Tonniece said...

Never heard of this Sheer Heaven before, but it looks like you get great results with it.Love your transfers.

That soup looks so good.......Yum

Dianne said...

This seema to be a wonderful product, the transfers look great. The soup is one of my favorites looks delicious...