Monday, 29 December 2008

Circumnavigation started and FMQ Day 4

I finished the Mariner's Compass which forms the centre of "Circumnagivation". I have fought with the centre for ages (read hours). I am leaving it for now and moving on for the moment. I may remake it. I have tried every trick known to quilters but it just won't do what I want. It appears to have a mind of its own. Now if you can take your eye off that centre rubbish bit for just a second - what do you think of the colours? (I did change the colours from the original image - just slightly).

Having fought with that block I was reluctant to start free motion quilting. However since I am ever the optimist I knew I would be disappointed with myself tomorrow had I not followed through with my quest to do at least a little free motion quilting every day I am home. So here are today's samples:

I have been asked about the Bernina Stitch Regulator. Well as I said earlier on my blog I set it aside for the moment (it's back in its box!) I haven't really given it much of a chance but since I have done a little free motion quilting before (I just need to get more practice and increase my stitch repertoire) I am afraid I found it a little strange to use. Having mastered getting my hands and the foot pedal in sync without the BSR I really wasn't in the mood to get to grips with moving the fabric to get the speed - I hope that makes sense. So for the samples you have seen on my blog they are all done without the stitch regulator - it's just little ole me and my Bernina 180. Most of the quilting I did in the past was done on the Pfaff so the Bernina is taking a bit of getting used to. I can see progress already so that's a good thing.

This was meant to be a candlelight design. I started off well and somehow it seems to have turned into leaves rather than candlelight. Nevertheless I like it.
As I was stitching this design I was thinking feathers. As you know my aim is to stitch beautiful feathers - you have to have a goal don't you? I enjoyed stitching this design.

So having stitched the previous design I changed DVDs and stitched my first feather! The darker blue line you see through the centre, or spine, of the feather, is chalk o liner where I marked the spine before I started stitching. The plumes of the feather is not marked - as you can probably guess since it's not perfect but I will get better.

I thought I would show you the reverse of the sample jut to let you see them from both sides - I am not hiding any nests of thread under there!!

I am using a Robinson-Anton rayon thread in the needle and bobbin fill in the bobbin.

It's so much fun having Patsy right here with me in my studio, not literally you understand but it feels like she's here. I even found myself answering her today!


Anonymous said...

Love the candle lesaves! You really seem to be enjoying this!

Ruth said...

I like the colors on the compass and since I don't piece well, the center looks good to me. You are progressing well with the free motion quilting. I have practiced a lot and your feathers are much better than mine.

Di said...

Your FMQ is brilliant. I've had my Bernina for over a year now and keep promising myself I MUST practice 20 minutes a day but life seems to get in the way. Seeing how you are progressing so quickly has geed me up to have another go!!!!

Linda Lynch said...

I found you by surfing the web and am admiring your free motion quilting. I have a Pfaff and have only just started playing with FM.
Your latest pieces are beautiful.

Sandy said...

I like the colors. The center really pops.