Sunday, 28 December 2008

Quilting Day 3

Having managed to get all my housework done yesterday I was able to spend the day in my studio today. I have been busy free motion quilting and working through Patsy Thomson's DVDs.

I have tried this design before with some success but I am more comfortable with it having seen how Patsy does it. I am sure I will get better in time.

I just love these leaves - this was my first attempt at this leaf design. I haven't watched Patsy do this one I just did it from the printed page I downloaded as I just had to try it. I may move on to the leaf DVD later this week, time permitting.

This was a simpler design.

I was trying the oval shape this time and making them in various sizes - could do better on this one methinks.

I am still using the Bernina 180 for these. I brought out the Pfaff to piece the Mariners Compass for Circumnagivation and I have to say I was tempted to free motion quilt on it BUT I didn't it would have been so easy to do but I want to persevere with the Bernina.

When I bought the 180 I only really used it with the embroidery module and the Pfaff was the work horse. Now I have the 730e I want to use the 180 more.

The Pfaff is excellent for everything (I may be a little biased since I love it) especially piecing as it has a built in walking foot.

Mike Perham said in his blog yesterday that the auto pilot etc are now fixed and he was planning to be on his way today. I thought I would make a start on Circumnagivation today. I have all the sections of the compass pieced and just have to join them all together. I may manage to get that done tomorrow and will post a picture of my progress (it's looking good).

Now I must go and make dinner.


Vicki W said...

Your quilt practice is looking great!

Purple Missus said...

Your practise pieces are looking good Carol.
How are you getting on with the BSR?
Like you, I have a 180 with embroidery module, several years old now but I was beginning to abuse it with all the bits I stitch into these days so last year I bought an Aurora 440 QE for my everyday stuff. It came with the BSR - still unused in the tin - and I'm now considering having a go with it :)

Sandy said...

The quilting is marvelous.