Saturday, 27 December 2008

Quilting Day 2

Since it has been a while since I did any serious free motion quilting I thought I would work each day to expand my repertoire of stitch designs. I have set aside the BSR for the moment and have been working with the Bernina 180. I really need to work on getting my stitches uniform in size. That will come with practice. I am fine with the designs I have been using but these new ones are a challenge but I think I am progressing.

I bought some Free motion quilting DVDs from Rio Designs earlier this year and Norman bought me the latest one for Christmas so I plan on working my way through these. They are very good - Patsy Thomson DVDs. I play them on my laptop. She has the designs on the DVDs available for free download on her blog. My aim aim is to stitch beautiful feathers just as Patsy does although I think that will be a while away.

I hope to layer and quilt my French braids quilt tomorrow. Once that's done and I have it bound I can then make a start on Circumnavigation. Life has been a little too busy to make a start on that but hopefully in the next little while I can make headway with it.


Sandy said...

WOW! Wonderful quilting. I'm trying to Machine Embroidery each day. Both do take continual practice.

Elma in Lochwinnoch said...

Carol, these DVDs by Patsy Thompson are wonderful! They liberated me when I was attempting free motion and I now love it!
I don't have the luxury of the stitch regulator though :-)

I just wish I had chosen a big Bernina when I changed machines several years ago and bought a Viking. I was so disappointed with the free motion on the Viking I recently had to buy a very basic Bernina just for FMQ!!

You are doing brilliantly!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

The quilting looks fantastic. I am anxious to see Circumnavigation! The colors are so beautiful and the design so complex.

Quilt Pixie said...

You're designs are great... I don't even try to get even stitch lengths when machine quilting -- I figure over time it'll come and if I spend my time concentrating on that I'll be tempted to not bother machine quilting...

Joanna van said...

Carol, the stitching looks great and very even. I have a stitch regulator but haven't been using it lately.

Really great!