Friday, 26 December 2008

First attempts with the Bernina Stitch Regulator

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I thought I would have a play with my new machine today, particularly the Bernina Stitch Regulator. I am finding it quite a challenge to get used to. The first sample you see was done without the BSR during a class I was teaching just before the Christmas break. It was just a quick demonstration of the different stitches.

The following sample is my second attempt with the BSR. I wanted to use the same fabric, my hand dye, as I used before in order to compare the two.

As I said it's taking a bit of getting used to as I keep wanting to control the speed with the foot pedal. I am going to have to experiment a while yet before I can really assess whether I like it or not. I just wanted to record my first faltering steps with my new toy. Hopefully by the end of the week there will be some progress, I am practicing what I teach - 20 minutes practice each day, I should see some progress. Fingers crossed.


Sandy said...

Nice fabric. There always seems to be a learning curve with a new machine.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'm sure 20 minutes a day will add up to a fast trip on that learning curve! :-)