Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back in the Studio

My apologies for the rubbish image, I can do better, but I am working in the outdoor studio - my log cabin in the garden - and it's difficult to take pictures.  If I move oo far away I get the whole log cabin in.

I am currently working on a new to me technique.  3D designs using strip piecing.  Tmblin blocks is my first attempt and so far so good.   I am currently deciding on whether  to use a light or dark background, dark is winning at the moment.

I week ago I decided to get into the studio in earnest.  Cut out and finished the top of another quilt.  It was nearly time to stop to get the evening meal sorted but I thought I would cut the strips ready to start the next project.  Fatal mistake as the rotary cutter jumped the ruler and cut the side off my index finger.   It is still bandaged and I am struggling a little but needs must and I really have to get the samples ready for class starting in September.  

Now all the jam is made, raspberry, strawberry, apricot, rhubard/ginger, lemon curd, blueberry - quite a selection, and the allotmen just needs a periodic weeding, maybe I can spend more time in here being creative.

Thanks for dropping by.