Saturday, 23 March 2013

Exercise 6 completed

This is a sample of Scandanavian holes.  This was a fun piece of lace to make.   I am now moving away from using the thicker Perle cotton No 5 to a much finer thread.   The samples are becoming a little more challenging I think.  This is a good thing.  

Just bought and installed EQ Stitch.  It looks very good and something which I always thought it would be good for EQ to do was to be able to design applique blocks and send them to the sewing machine to stitch out.  Now I can do that, well with a little more practice.  

Just waiting for the bread to do its first prove.  I am trying a bloomer from Paul Holywood's TV programme on bread making.   I make my own bread but normally use the bread machine.  I never did know how to knead the dough properly before.  Well having watched Paul's TV programme and watched for a second time this morning I am having a go.   Sent DH out to get some rye flour and will also try Paul's Ale and Rye bread which sounds lovely. 

Thanks for dropping by.