Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Exercise 7 - Gimps

Well this is Exercise 7.  I didn't have the correct weight of thread, or at least I might have in my stash but they are marked differently that I wasn't sure what to use.   I choose a DMC 80, the one I have been using with great success for the lace flowers,.  Didn't really work and I reallt didn't enjoy doing this piece.   I shall just move on and may revisit Ex7 at a later stage.  (Perhaps not).

I have just enroled in a Crochet class with Ali (followed her on twitter for a while).  I tried to crochet many moons ago and never did manage to make the chain to get started so I gave up.   Lacemaking was the something new to learn in 2012, which I started in September).   Crochet is the something to learn in 2013.  I thought I would get started before I have to start making samples for my quilting classes which start up again at the end of September.  

I checked my stash of knitting goodies and found two crochet hooks, a 9 and a 5.  Wrong size for the class and I don't have chunky yarn, I really don't like chunky yarns I like the finer things in life.  However Ali, the teacher, recommends chunky and so I shall have to go buy some and a new crochet hook.  Will get a 4mm and some double knitting yarn while I am there for future crochet - if I ever get past the beginning chain.    It is an online course, which I love, so I can go at my own pace ....... slowly taught through Coursecraft.net.  

I wonder when this snow will ever disappear as I am anxious to get my potatoes in.  Norman's asparagus has arrived and needs to be planted.   I am so glad we went and sorted out the allotment a few weeks ago when we have ONE lovely day.  At least it is all done and ready for when the weather gets warmer.

Thanks for dropping by.