Sunday, 25 August 2013

After a long and lovely summer I am back in the studio.  It took a while to get myself psyched up to get started.

I ws judging at the Festival of Quilts this year and thought I might get fabric for one of the projects I am teaching there.  I am glad I didn't in the end. I bought a couple of books, one in Oxford on gardening, and another at FOQ which I put in my case for the flight home.  Can you believe my bag was overweight with just that? I took them on board with my hand luggage so I was glad I didn't go to town buying things at the show.

Anyway I popped over to Kaleidoscope and bought the above fabric for the project.

I made a start on Friday and got as far as cutting and piecing the strips and piecing the centre four blocks.

Yesterday and made great progress and got the whole quilt top pieced, most of the blocks are now joined and I managed to get the border strips cut. 

It is looking good.  Great progress I think.  Seven fabrics are required for the project (just to give any of my students a heads up).  The very dark navy fabric is a William Morris fabric which is gorgeous (took me a while to cut it as it is so lovely).  The others are various shades of blue with blue on cream and one white on white. However ay colour would work it doesn't have to be blue!

I have a load of housework to do together with a pile of ironing (it never ends does it).  However I am off out to the studio to get this quilt top finished then I can ponder how I am going to quilt it as I get the housework done. 

The photographs aren't great as it is quite difficult to photograph in the log cab studio I have.