Friday, 2 August 2013

Allotment looking Good

Well it has been hot hot hot here.  We had many days of sunshine which is most welcome but it meant hauling water to the allotment which wasn't so great.  However the heat and lately the rain has meant we have a very fruitful allotment.

 The brassica bed is doing well.  We are so glad we put up the mesh when we planted the plugs as other allotment holders have had their brassicas eaten by the birds.
 Hubby has picked 7lb of blackcurrants already.  He is making wine from some, I have made jam with some and a cheesecake was made with the remainder plus some raspberries.  Very nice indeed.

 I planted a nice variety of lettuce which makes for an interesting salad.

 The inions this year are huge.  Both red nd yellow onions are doing well.  This is the first year we have had so much success with the Red Barron onions.  (This being our 3rd year on the allotment last year was a washout).

 My first attempt at growing Pac Choi.  They were delicious and a good size too.

My favourite potatoes are Salad Blue and this is the first plant I picked.  Not bad for an early is it?
This is a bit of the plot at the moment.  Everything is coming along nicely.   Water butts are full so no more taking up gallons of water - arms are thankful.