Sunday, 30 July 2006

Sunday Morning playtime

I have been busy doing some experiments with colour on paper. The picture above I used Brusho inks sprinkled onto wet cartridge paper. I quite like the effect but it looks a little powdery for my liking.
I tried the Brusho inks again using wet cartridge paper and a sponge brush. The source for this piece was a picture my friend Sandi from NC sent me of a rainbow which was right in front of a tree in her front yard. It was wonderful.

This piece was again done on cartridge paper. This time I painted lines of Markal (Shiva) paint sticks in yellow and green and then using a watercolour wash I painted the background with blue and a little red. I like this piece and hopefully can use it together with the rainbow one in my course work for Module 4. This butterfly visited me in my conservatory this morning as I was working. He stayed there patiently until I had taken a few photographs then flew off. I think he's a Red Admiral.
I have had this silk velveteen scraf in my collection for a while and didn't have the courage to silk paint it for fear of spoiling it. So what did I do the other day - wrapped it round the train wheels, poured the vinegar solution onto it and pickled it for a couple of days!!!! I am pleased with it. I had thought that I might add some colour to it but I am thinking it looks fine as it is - what do you think? Should I add colour or leave it be?


Deb H said...

Ooooh Carol, this turned out lovely. Vinegar hey? That would probably speed up the process. Very nice. I think I'd make a color for the background, a nice golden yellow or brick red (2 of my favorite colors).

smarcoux said...

I would leave it LOL sorry Deb ...
but it could be nice with golden yellow or brick red...

Nice piece by the way .. fantastic designs.

Carol said...

Hi Sandi and Deb,

I popped the scarf in the washing machine and tumble dried it. The colours are really nice as they are so I am going to leave them.

However, since you mentioned red Deb I have just taken a silk scarf from the pickling pot and added some red silk paint to it. It is drying as I write. I will post a piccie later.

It has been cooler here and it took much longer to "rust". This isn't something I could do in the winter months.

Thanks for your feedback ladies it is most welcome.