Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Tidy at last!

Well it's all nice and tidy again. We had made a bit of a mess didn't we? It doesn't take too long to tidy it back up again.
I have set up my worktable to start on some fabric postcards and another journal quilt using some new silk paper I made and the purple hand dyed fabric etc. I can see into Norman's workshop from here as I sew.
It's great having a wireless connection I can look in on my QU students throughout the day as I am busy playing. I have the old A3 printer in here too now. I can print on fabric and print my class notes etc right here. I also have my iPOD stand with speakers when the radio isn't so good. I love music and play it everywhere even when I go walking. That's thje dehumidifer sitting on the floor. I have to say I am glad Norman got it for me. A couple of days this week it has been full. Norman has one in his workshop to safeguard all his engineering tools lathe, milling machine etc, etc.
It's only just after 5 pm and I have the lights on. It's rained all day bit it is so warm. Cloudy and windy at the moment but nice and cosy in here.

Must go and make dinner. I am all set up for later tomorrow.


Dianne said...

Its like a dream studio but an artist such as yourself deserves it, any way if I can't have I'm glad you do..lol Its perfect...

Carol said...

Hi Dianne,

Thank you, you are such a sweetheart. I am glad you were able to post a comment. I have had a few emails from people trying to leave a comment but were unable to. Maybe it's just because I moved to Beta. It seems intermittent.

Things can only get better VBG