Saturday, 30 December 2006

Today my heart was touched

I received an email this morning from a wonderful lady whose work I have admired since I found her Tears in a Bottle website. I love all of her work but at a particularly difficult time in my life a couple of yeaqrs ago I was drawn to one of her poems "Broken Hearts Cry Silently". I was participating in the Journal Quilt Challenge at the time and I wrote and asked Caryl if I could use her poem in one of my quilts. She graciously agreed and later she agreed to me using a second of her poems in another of my journal quilts. The mail this morning said she was inspired by me to write a poem and she has dedicated it to me. WOW! How cool is that! Read the poem here.


Tonniece said...

Wow!! how surprised and special you must feel. What a nice poem.
I'm sure I felt the same way when Luci wrote her story about Me and Dianne.


suzanne said...

Hello Carol,
Its only because you are special, wonderful things happen.
Wanted to wish you and yours a HAPPY NEW YEARS. Talk to you in 2007.

Dianne said...

How lovely for you its a beautiful poem you are so deserving. Hope you had a warm New Years wrapped up warm inside..