Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

I just want to wish all my blog friends a Happy New Year. We had quite a stormy Hogmanay. The winds were pretty bad at speeds of 75-80 miles per hour. I heard a dreadful noise and Norman went outside to have a look. It was pitch dark but he saw that some of the ridge tiles from the roof had blown off! It was pretty scary after that. The winds died down about midnight as we brought in the New Year. This morning we woke to find our neighbour's tree in our garden and it had brought down our bird table. Still that was all the damage.

The festivities in Edinburgh were cancelled which was a pity as it is such a wonderful evening. There were some fireworks but nothing like what they had planned.

I have been playing around with text in paint shop pro and I have designed some cards from some of my background designs. Tonniece when you get your copy of PSP you are going to have a ball designing cards that you make so beautifully.

I got my files sent to the US and Susan has copied them to CD and sent them off for me. I paid my fee via papal and sent off my artist's statement. I am afraid I had to remove the images of my Marie Curie quilt from my blog at least until I find out whether or not it will be accepted (not holding my breath here).

OK I need to go and make preparations for our meal this evening.


Tonniece said...

A Happy New Year to you as well.

Boy that wind did sound scary, but good to hear it slowed down enough to ring in the new year.
We had rain, really hard rain, so strange at this time of year, to ring our new years, and right now as I write this it is so warm outside. Nice breeze, Like springtime not winter.

you must be happy the CD is on it's way, very nice of Susan to do that for you.
PSP yipeeee, I can't wait. I'm going this week to get it.

We are all holding our collective breathes for you. If they know talent your quilt will be accepted.

Have a great day

Shelina said...

Happy New Year Carol. So sorry it came with such bad weather.

suzanne said...

Happy New Years, to you and your family, yes the weather was bad I heard, it's strange here too, all the rain.

Dianne said...

Hello Dear
And a Happy new year to you too, I was listening to BBC for new years and heard all the bad weather and alll the cancelations too bad to cause it is a faulous site I have heard.. So I got to celebrate New Years eve with GB on BBC 2 great bands and Boy George was the DJ I loved it..Beautiful card you made ..