Friday, 16 February 2007

Busy, busy, busy ......

Things have been a little hectic this week. I have had no in-person classes just an online one. I haven't done any sewing since the felt melt challenge. Norman and I went to look for wallpaper for the lounge on Tuesday. We spent hours pouring over the books and finally choose one we liked. That was Tuesday, Wednesday the shop called to say it would take months for the paper to arrive if it ever did - they didn't hold out much hope for one of the papers we had chosen. Now we have to go back and choose something else. Mind you we need to go back again anyway as MAGNET (the kitchen fitters) have finally agreed on the decorator we want to do the dining room their fitter damaged it! It's only been 10 months!!!!!

I got chatting with the lady in the wallpaper shop and she said she had old sample books I could have if I wanted. I took some of the textured ones as I love creating my own papers from rubbings of the textured papers. Some of them are just wonderful. She said she would call me if they were throwing any more out and I could call and take what I wanted.

On Wednesday we cut down a couple of conifers from the back garden. We had organised for someone to come and do it for us but we waited in for two weekends and they were a no show. So armed with a lopper I starfted cutting them down ...... Norman did the harder sawing and reached the tall bits , these were BIG trees. The area is now cleared and after a visit to the hairdresser yesterday I helped Norman pack the trailer and take the trees to the council recycling yard - three trailer loads later the back garden was clear.

Today after a trip to get some shopping I painted the fence in the back garden. Three coats it took but it's looking good and more open now. I want to plan some smaller and more colourful shrubs. I need to do more work through to prepare the ground.

Maybe I'll get into the studio tomorrow.


Tonniece said...

Busy, busy, busy. Gosh I wish we could see our trees here. They are all covered with snow at the moment.
Sounds as though you and Norman were really busy, but always worth it in the end I guess.

Too bad about those fitters, boy you can't trust anyone anymore.

Hope you get a chance to go to your studio, we sure miss all your eye candy.


Dianne said...

Wall paper book, kool, thats what I used for the section pages on your book I made for you.. I had just gotten it from my sister.. So how do you create the paper from the rubbings, I've been wanting to use more of it..
Painted a fence, weather must not be too cold in lovely Scotland.
What do they do with the tress you bring them? Thats interesting, I'm not sure we do that here..
Well hope you can get some play time in..
Thanks for the compliments on my blog..
Big hugs to you and Norman...