Sunday, 18 February 2007

Red Felt sample

After a morning of housework I thought I would try another needlefelt sample. I used a synthetic felt background and a variety of different materials just to see how they behaved. I did a piece yesterday and bent one of the embellisher's needle. As I was replacing it I found I had broken a needle at some stage. I was a little worried about changing them since I had read about all sorts of problems. I needn't have worried I replaced both with no trouble at all.
I tried using scrim as a background when I did one of the needlefelt challenges and I didn't have any success with it. My fibres felted to the scrim I just wasn't happy with either my choice of colours or my design (or lack of it!). As you can see from the above photograph the scrim felted really well to the felt background. I used silk tops, crystal organza, silk organza and some yarns that I was given when I bought the embellisher.
Here's the wallpaper sample book I was given the other day.
It is full of glorious textures. I am busy painting papers for backgrounds for my assessment piece. Since Dianne asked about using them for papers I shall take pictures as I work and write up a step by step for you Dianne. I bought some Distressing ink in Faded Jeans colour I want to try. More later......
Now why would a little cat sit underneath the coffee table? She has the whole house but here's where I found her the other day - I almost walked past her!


Tonniece said...

I'm not one to like reds, but this is a belight to the eyes. I really like this felt sample.

Oohh, those wallpaper samles look beautiful too. As Dianne said she also got some, so I'm sure she'll love your step by step progress with them.

You cat looks so comfy under there,
How cute.

Carol said...

I really like your embellished sample, its fascinating seeing what everyone is doing with the embellisher

Dianne said...

I agree with Carol it is reall interesting to see everyones different interpitations, fasinating..
Thanks a bunch for the lesson, its great and I'll post my work from my book too..
Well Miss Queeny looks very regal in her private place, bet you it makes her feel safe..
I really like your felted piece, I'm not a red fan and Tonniece and I agree it looks rich and luxsious.. Yes we talk about you almost every day, we love to discuss the creations :):)

Dianne said...

Wonderful embellished sample!! My colours - and love the curves.