Wednesday, 14 March 2007

You learn something new every day.......

Although I haven't been blogging much lately I have been busy. No time for stitching I am afraid. I am putting together my Research Project for the Judging course. Wow! it's such a lot of work but worthwhile. I think I broke the back of it yesterday. I still have much more to do but it's so much easier once you have started and that blank page is blank no more. I did get Arlee's postcard and ATC sent off to her yesterday. I also posted Patsy's Greenpeace postcard back to her. I am thinking about the next needlefelt challenge - patches, and the textilechallenge - doors/windows. I have some ideas going around in my head but nothing firm yet. I ordered Maggie Grey/ Val Campbell Harding's Embellisher book but it hasn't arrived yet which is a good thing as I won't be able to put it down when it does arrive and I have so many other things to get done.

Well you learn lots of new things every day don't you? Tomoko, my friend in Kobe, Japan, wrote to me last week saying she was sending Norman and I some cups. We have been sharing teas with each other. Nothing could have prepared me for the absolute joy I saw when I opened the box yesterday. Everything Tomoko sends is just so beautifully wrapped and this was no exception. It's a lovely wooden box.
In side, in separate sections, are 5 of the most beautiful and delicate cups I have ever seen. I have visited the Far East and seen some beautiful things but these are stunning. 5 cups beautifully nestled in their own little section of the box.
I ever so carefully unwrapped each cup. Every one more beautiful than the last. I found it hard to photograph them but I am sure you can see the beauty of them.
Here's a closeup of one. Each cup reprepsents a Japanese celebration which Tomoko has explained to me in detail.

Setsubun design cup, Doll's Festival, Children's Day, Tanabata, Tsukimi (moon viewing).

She sent me some different tea this time and it looks so delicate I may try it in my new cups.

She also sent this lovely piece which matches beautifully with the baskets she sent earlier. Thank you Tomoko they are beautiful.


Dianne said...

Lucky you, I love them, they are so sweet, beautiful really..
Have a great day and ejoy your tea... I know you'll do great on your course..

Tonniece said...

These look so delicate and pretty. You must feel so blessed.
Very nice surprise gift.

have a great day Carol

Judy Scott said...

oh wow what an amazing gift, a real present to treasure. Jx