Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Nothing will get done now!

Yesterday was busy and I was late getting to bed. Class was hectic but they always are on the first day. I have three brand new quilters which is always good. I took a lot of my recent work for them to see what I have been busy with over the summer. They are just so keen to get going.

My workshop at North Barn Quilters last night was wonderful. There were 34 people there altogether. My friends Pat, Susan and Helen were there. Just as well I made more than enough packs for them all. The time flew by as they made their angelina motifs for their postcards. What a buzz! I had hardly any time when I got back from my afternoon class to unpack the car, repack for the evening class and get myself showered and changed and make dinner! This morning has been quiet! I am a little weary today.
When we were having lunch the postman arrived with my new books. I guess nothing much else will get done today! This is Maggie Grey and Val Campbell-Harding's new book and it looks wonderful - as if it could be anything else.
I have had this book on order since March! It has been out in the US for a while now. Still it's worth waiting for. I have read all of Jennifer's books and I am hooked. As a quilt teacher I can relate to the stories in them so well.
I sat and relaxed for an hour before I headed of to teach class yesterday morning. I started knitting a scarf with the Kimono ribbon. I did a few more rows this morning. It is knitting up beautifully, although I think it will be a little "scratchy". The colours are gorgeous. I am just knitting in garter stitch as there is enough texture in the ribbon itself. Any other pattern would be lost with all the colour that is going on.

I mailed Activity 6 of my C&G course to Marie, my tutor this morning. I have loved playing with PSP using pictures of my paper manipulations to create the designs. I didn't much enjoy the paper manipulating exercises as I cannot see myself using them in the future. I never have used them since I was at college doing my P&Q C&G so I guess that won't change.

I had a "mid term" test for the PSP class I am taking with Lindy and Serena. I got one question wrong. Apparently everyone got that same question wrong. We have a little break before we start on the next lessons.

I still haven't unpacked the car from last night so I might do that before I get started on these books. I also want to get some sewing done for a special little project I am working on. I did a sample and I have to say it's looking good! I surprised myself.


sue b said...

OOhhh I'm jealous that you've got that book! I am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive.

I love Jennifer's books too!

Dianne said...

Wow my dear you make me tired just reading all you do, You should be weary.
The scarf does look lovely.
Your work shop sounds great, 34 thats a big crowd, you go girl..
All this will keep you young..
Have a great week, hopefully with a couple of rest times and a few cuppas:):)

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

I'm really likeing the scarf.
Looks like you have quite a bit of reading to do on top of everything else.
Thanks so much for the advise, I will give it a try.

Thanks again

Carol said...


You will love it when it does arrive. Jennifer's 9th book is good - the beginning remindS me of the Dear Jane story by Brenda Papadakis!


The colours in the ribbon are gorgeous just in time for Autumn.

My evening workshop was exhausting but I know most everyone at the group which makes it easier.

It's rest day today, a cuppa sounds just the thing. I may venture into the studio to finish off my latest project :) :)

Tonniece, my friend, you are very welcome. I hope the advice helps. Please don't give up. Believe me I have many many things that didn't work for me even after a few attempts. My venture into transfers with transparencies and Golden gel medium is just one and I haven't succeeded yet! A very kind lady sent me her tutorial on the technique and I hope to give it a try this week sometime. I can't tell you how many I have done trying to get it to work.

What goes around comes around and we each help each other.

Have a wondeful day,