Thursday, 16 November 2006

Catching up

Ooops! it's been a couple of days since I last posted. I have been busy but not in my studio. I did a little more printing for my C&G course and sent them to my tutor. I have now moved on to the next activity which is taking my prints and playing around with them in Paint Shop Pro. The image above is one image I have been playing with. I am learning so much about PSP it's wonderful.

I was out choosing wallpaper for my studio (not the log cabin the one in the house). I chose a white with a textured design. I can hang my quilts to give a bit of colour but it means the room will be a lot lighter than it is. I am going to take down the curtains and just have venetian blinds which will lighten it up a little. It used to be Roger's bedroom but Norman turned it into a proper studio. The decorators will be here on Tuesday to make a start. I now have to clear out the room - move all those books! That should be fun. I won't be able to find anything for the next few weeks.

Well I had better go and pack the car for class. It's pouring with rain at the moment and I have to take my sewing machine with me today. I have a rather lovely trolley, canvas with a Monet type tapestry (you can see them at eQuilter)BUT I find it hard to get in the boot of my new car now! The little sporty 2 seater (Mazda MX5) is just not built for sewing machines and the like.

Thanks for dropping by.


Tonniece said...

I am going to have to get PSP. I've been really curious about it for some time now. Judging by some of the things you and others have done with it, it seems like a good thing to have. Which leads me to ask you which one you have.

Wow, you're renovateing, not the nicest thing to have going on when you have to upheave the house, but oh the benifits when It's all done.

Well got to scoot
Happy crafting

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,
I am really enjoying PSP but there is still a lot more to learn.

I am using PSP X. I looked at PSP XI when I was in PC World the other day but it's too expensive for me. I don't use it enough to warrant upgrading. I haven't had X for long.

You might be able to find PSP X online at a good price now that XI is available. I also have V9 on my PC and it's a good version too. I could easily have stayed with V9 but X wasn't expensive.

I hope that helps.


Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol I'll check it out.