Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Out and About

We have been out and about this past few days. We went to Glasgow on Monday and of course we had to stop off at Borders Books on the way home. I added another few books to my library!
Barbara Taylor Bradford is one of my favourite authors and so I bought her new book The Ravenscar Dynasty. I need to finish Stephen King's before I can make a start on the new one. I also found a coopy of Surface Design magazine and I love it. It's so full of inspiration.

Yesterday we went up to Perth and visited Caithness glass. We then went up to the Famous Grouse distillery. We were the only ones there and when I told Jim, the tour guide, that I was researching the uses of copper he gave us a very in depth tour of the distillery and I came home with lots of good photographs for my research project for the quilt Judging course.

My book on the Conniston Copper Mines arrived today which means I can make good headway on my project notes and also have a few new things to add to my Journal wbhich I also have to keep up-to-date for the judging course.

I finally got round to printing my 3D box designs from Paint Shop Pro. This is the next activity in Module 7. I loved making these. They are my own designs printed on to photo paper and folded to make boxes. I just had to ensure the design matched on all faces of the 3D objects. I plan on printing some of my designs onto fabric and making boxes for my growing collection of fabric postcards from the ART2MAIL exchanges I have taken part in over the past few years. They really need a nice home!

I just have to add few touches to my first assessment piece design and then I can move on to Module 8. My classes start back on Monday and so I will have less time for the next few weeks. I can't believe how quickly this break has passed by. I am teaching lots of different projects this coming term and so I have a lot of prep work to do for Monday.

When Susan offered to mail my jpgs for the She Made her Mark challenge I checked out her website and fell in love with one of her pieces which was for sale. Well I bought it and it arrived today - it's lovely. I will post a picture later. My camera is full of pictures of my visit to the distillery and Caithness Glass at the moment so I will need to download them.


Dianne said...

Hello you oh so busy woman, I love the 3d boxes with lovely desing I must say..Just remeber to take a little R&R too.The trip to the distillery sounded fun. I went to one on my tour in Scotland it was fasinating..

suzanne said...

And I love them too, I am going to do more boxes myself, yes and R&R too!