Sunday, 28 January 2007

Sashiko from Japan

I received a lovely surprise in the mail earlier this week. My friend Tomoko from Kobe, Japan sent me two beautiful shashiko napkins. She didn't know that I plan on teaching Sashiko soon. There's nothing like having the real thing!
There are two quite different designs in pastel colours, traditional Sashiko is usually stitched using a white thread on an indigo background. I love the colours Tomoko has used.
Tomiko has been busy learning about English tea making! I sent her three little tins of Whittards tea to sample. Whilst Norman was out and about the other day he found a tin of Brodies tea for her. I think she will like it in it's silver and tartan tin! I am currently looking out for a tartan tea cosy to send her. So far I haven't found one! Can you believe it. The hunt is on!
I went out for my walk and went down by the water just round from my house. I saw a fisherman there the other day. It's a lovely quiet spot and I thought I would get some different photographs for my "tree" quilt project.
As I turned around to go back up the hill and continue my walk I saw these flowers. Very strange. They are in pots. Why would they be there? They reminded me of the flowers you sometimes see at the side of the road following a fatal accident. I felt a little uneasy and left quickly. I still can't fathom why they would be there. How strange.

On a lighter note one of my students in my Thursday class told me that my red twigs are Dogwood. She brought me a print out with the latin name and a description of the shrub. Thanks Smudge I can now add the details to my "brief" for my hand made book.

I have almost finished my "project". Just a couple of little details to add and it will be ready for mailing.
I saw this stone in a neighbour's garden and had to take a photograph. I am sure she thinks I am more than a little crazy - well I am really. I just loved the colours and textures. The snow has all gone now, it didn't last long. The hills are also clear of snow. Yesterday was gloriously mild and calm today it's quite windy although not as bad as we have had recently.

I planned on doing the Emerald embellisher challenge yesterday set by Myfanwy but just as I went upstairs to start work on the embellisher the power failed. By the time it had come back on again I had moved on to something else. I took the opportunity to update my Journal for my Judging course. I had a mountain of pictures and information from various trips to glue into the journal - it's done now and boy do I feel good!

Yesterday was a housework day so today is a "play" day. I have soooooo many ideas and don't know where to start so it may not be a very fruitful day - we shall see.


Tonniece said...

wow, I like the pankins Carol. Very nice colors and designs on them. I'm sure your friend will love the new tea your sending her.

There's that lovely spot again. Looks so serene with the winter landscape now. Odd about the potted plants. I would have felt a bit strange also had I seen them.

Good thing you found out the name of your twigs. Dianne and I were guessing here as to what they were called. LOL

well enjoy your play day.

Frederique said...

What a nice gift! This sashiko is very beautiful.

Shelina said...

Sashiko is another one of those things on my long list of things to do. That rock is lovely, and the plants are odd. I'm sure there is a story behind them.

Dianne said...

The napkins are really lovely nice stitching on them..Very nice gift..
I was wonder the name of those bushes, I can't wait to see the base you make.
I see you have a bit of snow, the flowers are a sad thing to see and a little strange there..
Now I to love rocks and that one is a beauty..
I see you have been busy, and Blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday glad it did today..